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Can Corn/Maize silage be used throughout the year ?

Yes, Shree Radhey Corn/Maize silage can be fed throughout the year at an affordable price and in flexible manner.

What is the weight of SR Agro Food Silage bale?

The weight of each bale is approximately 100 kg. But we are soon to aanounce 50kg, 200kg, 400kg Bales.

Will Shree Radhey Agro Food Silage affect the reproductive capacity of the animal?

Shree Radhey Silage is high quality natural silage manufactured using best in class techniques, it does not affect the reproductive capacity of the animal. Feeding Shree Radhey Silage will improve the overall health of the animal and increase milk production.

Can SR Agro Silage be fed to buffaloes?

Shree Radhey silage can be fed to cows, buffaloes and bulls.